Clicca QUI per la versione in italiano.


Clicca QUI per la versione in italiano.

  • Resize any image (JPG/GIF/BMP)
    • to an exact width and height (also auto-adjusts to vertical photos!)
    • proportionally (fixed with, variable height - or viceversa)
    • visually, by stretching/shrinking their margins!
    • using the presets:
  • Mount your photos within 61 built-in fancy frames. (Or import your own frames.)
  • Create test-prints. (Up to 8x8 images on a single photo.)
  • Convert from BMP and GIF to JPG.
  • Choose the quality of the JPGs or auto-calculate the best quality to fit your JPGs in N kilobytes.
  • Integrates with Windows shell. (Right click on any image to resize it.)
  • Conveniently add images to process by drag'n'drop.
  • Preview window.
  • Customize the presets or create your own.
  • Built-in (and customizable) help.

DOWNLOAD PICRESIZER!Download PicResizer v1.2! (5.1 MB .EXE)
(for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / XP / Vista)
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