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multi-browser Internet-cache extractor and organizer 

Clicca QUI per la versione in italiano. gain total control over what you browse and/or download from the internet!

  • Some site had disabled the right-click, so you could not save an image?
  • Or are you plainly tired of having to save photos one by one?
  • Wish you could store to a file that videoclip you saw? (Either YouTube-like or Shockwave Flash animation.)
  • Saw on a friend's blog a nice button that you wish to import on your own site? (but don't infringe copyrights!)
  • Would like to hear again that song playing in the background of some page you visited?
  • Did you download a ZIP or a document, but forgot to save it?
  • Saved a webpage only to find out that some files were missing?

WinSieve lets you stroll about the web carefree, and later retrieve every single bit you've seen!
(So you can put it away to a safe place, then make every trace of your passage vanish. ;-)

You can also use WinSieve to:

  • get rid of duplicate files on your PC, at a super high speed!
  • extract embeddings from any files (eg: right-click a powerpoint to get all the images/sounds it contains!)
  • leech email addresses, web links, phone numbers and other alphanumericals from any file
  • recognize the type of file, in case it was saved with an unknown / wrong / missing extension
  • re-group files and/or folders (just drag'n'drop your scattered data, and WinSieve will be your shepherd dog :-)
  • extract data by type from anywhere on your PC, and have it organized WinSieve's way!
..and more!

DOWNLOAD WINSIEVE!Download WinSieve 5.4! (1.8 MB .ZIP)
(for Windows 95 / 98 / ME / XP / Vista)
already downloaded 814 times
(7022 including older versions)


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Retrieve images, videos, sounds and whatever you saw while surfing the net!
(Also extracts'em from Powerpoints & Word DOCs, plus finds duplicate files.. and more!)