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Updated on November 22nd, 2006.
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MP3 moulder: perform miracles on MP3s!
Hu's on first
The Bush (speaking) doll
ENIGMA: all the lyrics
Aliens teach us how to contact them!
Crop circles (those of the movie "SIGNS")
The most stupid ways to die Recommended!
Aliens replied to a human message
NEW! 195 e-cards WITH MUSIC!
Magic names for mystic cats (130k .ZIP)
Odd stuff (ducks' quack doesn't echo, etc.)
Entheogens ("psychedelic" drugs)
Don't drink and drive: Denise's story
Sexual abuse: Stephen's life-story
"Jesus was gay"
Bin Ladin's manifesto: the roots of his hatred
Photos of my house in the snow
Eleanor Roosevelt wrote..
Lunch with God
The gospel of Chief Seattle
The Great Phoenix!
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May I introduce myself? May I introduce myself?
Let's become e-mail pals! Let's become e-mail pals!
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