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To get in touch with me.. WHO AM I?

JB: born in the year of the Water Rat 1972, under the sign of the Taurus, ascendant Leo.


    I'm a Musician (I play the keyboard, a synthesizer & sampler with built-in sequencer), "composing" songs (music & lyrics). I'm a writer (novels, tales, humour, aphorisms, poems.. including one theater play and a movie script). I'm a "philosopher" (at least that's what friends & relatives say, but the truth is I'm a mystic, a spiritual researcher of Wisdom - I belong to all religions and none) and a "good shoulder" for the hearts in the storm (during the past 7 years of penpalling it often occourred to me to have a chance to give a helping hand to people in sentimental and/or existentialistic crisis, and I was lucky enoughe to do that with good results: you've got a problem? wanna talk it out with somebody? Then I'm the ideal person for you! ;-). Furthermore I'm a ReiKi Master (do you know what ReiKi is? It's an ancient olistic-healing tecnique - the same, for instance, that Jesus himself used to perform in order to make the so-called "miracles"), programmer (BASIC, Pascal, HTML..) and web-designer occasionally, cook (did you already take a look at my recipes?), massanger (not a professional though), and many other things.


  • To make friends around the world, maybe beginning as penpals and/or e-mail pals, and later meeting for spending a week-end or a holiday together..
  • To read about psychology, philosophy, metaphisics, religion, history, esoterism, aphorisms, some biography, science-fiction and cyberpunk.. (favourite books: Richard Bach, "Illusions"; Osho Rajneesh, "Tantra: the Supreme Understanding"; Bauval & Hancock, "Keeper of Genesis"; Shakespeare, "Hamlet"; Orwell, "1984"..)
  • Cinema, especially "escatological" movies (eg: "Matrix"), or philosophic movies (eg: "Trueman show", metaphore of the human life), religious (eg: "Little Buddha").. I like comedies (anything with Steve Martin), but I can hardly stand action movies (with the only exception of the ironic ones, such as the first Schwartzenegger's), meloramatic stuff and those "in costume".. I'm not against pornography, but I do not abuse it.
  • Listening to music: any genre, as long as it's inspired and not fakely put-up (my favourite artists are: Enigma, Battiato, Vangelis, Jarre, Alphaville, Bee Gees, Celine Dion, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Manowar, Queen..)
  • Collect ethnic music: I enjoy to exchange CDs or tapes with my foreign penpals (that's the way I discovered the great Kuroyume and Bz' from Japan, Roo'Ra from Korea, etc.)
  • Internet, as long as I'm allowed in the very bad technical conditions I'm in (when I'm lucky, I "surf" at 28kbps - but since the phone line is very disturbed, the PC self-disconnects so very often - making it almost impossible for me to browse the sites, download files, and chat, unless being very, SO VERY patient)
  • I love to walk through the woods in autumn, on the seaside in winter, or in high-mountain in spring and summer (in this latter case, I enjoy to finish the walk by swimming in a lake or stream - providing that there's very few people around me, possibly nobody).


    I did 3 years of Scientific Lycee (a highschool), then (nauseated by the dullness of such an environment, and by the vile conformism aimed to brain-massification and mediocrity) I set sail for the Experimental Technical-Commercial Institute "Alessandro Greppi" (a true oasis of intellectual freedom, rich in stimula - such as the schoolpaper, which lead me to work for a weekly local newspaper) where I've been studying Eletctronics & Informatics. After my diploma (final vote: 50/60) with a research about Virtual Realities, I started Psychology at the University (first in Turin, then I migrated to Milan on the next year) - sadly discovering that psycho-logy isn't to be taken literally: it does not mean "the study of the soul". Therefore I decided to go on studying on my own, as self-taught man (just like I had already done with Music).


    To experiment Life in human form.


    I hate stereotypes, polemics, agonism (what good can there be, in agony?), making a big noise..
    I don't like the crowd, to hang around with more than 4 people, the group activities, to walk around with not a place to go nor a thing to say.. I am bored by those who speak about the weather, politics, sport, economy, business.. and I'm very bored by fanatics of any kind; especially the religious ones; especially those who only know their religion; especially those who try hard to convert me.


    I like those who are open-minded, intelligent, sensitive, "forever-young inside"; the great souls, honest and trustworthy people; those with a sense of humour, self-irony, curiosity, culture (but doesn't show it off); those who express themselves frankly, but never in a rude way; those who write long letters full of details and questions..

    I'm especially fascinated by cultures and mental-schemes different from the typical western "globalized" habits: I'm attracted by people of other races, especially Asians, middle-Eastern, Russians.. My dream is to know some of them who's immigrated here in Italy, so to make friends personally. (But of course I welcome also friends from the distance, as penpals and/or email pals!)