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    Asking for money is always a bit embarassing, even in these times of global crisis. However, before you turn up your nose, consider that this is no pittance at all.
      Perhaps you never came to think of it, but no site is self-kept: hosting and domain-registry must be paid; the making, updating and mainteinance (including replying to the many email) cost time and efforts.
      I'm running for passion, not for money, and nobody is paying me. I could certainly grow the site over with advertising banners, but this would slow down the browsing. And furthermore, it would require me to reach a compromise with the sponsors - and I could not always keep an eye on the ethics of their products.
      That is why, be you an affectionate reader or an occasional examiner of a few articles; or if you found on the answer you were seeking for, or maybe the inspiration for an own project of yours; or just for the sake of doing a good deed.. At your discretion, you may give me a tangible proof of your appreciation - and at the same time, help me carry on my work. I didn't even set a fix amount: any donation (even 1 euro) is welcome. And the transaction, convenient and secure.

    PayPal is the leader in payments and money transfers through the Internet. Estabilished in 1998 and now part of the eBay group, has over 123 millions accounts across 190 countries, and accepts virtually all creditcards and the 6 main currencies (Euro, British pound, USA dollars, Yen and Canadian and Australian dollars).
      They have developed one of the most sophisticated anti-phraud technologies existing today, which well deserved them their slogan: "PayPal: the safer, easiest way to pay on-line". With just a few clicks, your donation will be processed in real time and without exposing your credit card or bank account number.


    The major software houses spill lots of money for not-always "state of the art" software: it's the known case of the higly costly Microsoft Office™ suite versus the totally free open-source alternative Open Office, which can do the same things and more.. and oftentimes even better. Or think of the many Internet Service Providers switching from Windows™ to Linux based servers.
      There's plenty of smaller similar realities, providing at little cost (or no cost at all) better alternatives to mainstream software products. For naming a few: the excellent media player by VideoLan, or the quickest PDF viewer ever, by FoxIt.. They're typically smaller in size, faster to launch, and better performing than the "big-name products". And yours at a fraction of the famous brand's price.
      There's an even more "radical" (or better: revolutionary) approach growing: free software. Allowing you to use a software without having to buy it, nor pay any fee, and for as long as you wish.
      However it wouldn't be nice of users, to sponge off programmers' work forever. So, the basic idea here is: if you find free software useful, support it. In a way, you set the "price": according to your possibilities, and generosity. (But it's not actually a price, since you get the product even without paying: to donate is no "do ut des", rather a way to express appreciation, doing good to who's done good to you by sharing the result of his hard work.)
      Programmers don't live on air either, and that's whence it came the idea of "offer me a pizza and we're even".


    • WinSieve: gain total control over what you browse!
        Some site disabled the right-click so you could not save an image? Or are you plainly tired of having to save images one by one? Did you download a ZIP or a document, but accidentally closed it without saving it? Would like to hear again that song playing in the background of some page you visited but cannot remember which one it was? Just browse around carefree, and later WinSieve will recover every single bit you've seen on-line.
        You can also use WinSieve to find duplicate files on your computer, at the super highspeed of its innovative algorythm! (further details on WinSieve's homepage)

    • MP3 moulder: more than your ordinary audio-converter
        Ever wished to fit more stuff on your portable MP3 player? MP3 moulder will triple (!) the capacity of your portable MP3 player, at the same time preserving a much better than radio quality. (Who needs hi-fi quality when jogging?) Tired of blasting your ears off, whenever a new song starts at a totally different volume? MP3 moulder will make you forget the anxiety of reducing the loudness at the end of each track. Can't take any more, of whispered DivXs that require you to boost the TV-speakers to the max? Then you switch to another channel and.. boom!
      • Losslessly re-encode MP3 to a different bitrate (transcoding = no recompression!)
      • Amplify and/or equalize the average loudness of your MP3s (no recompression!)
      • Extract WAVs (also from OGG, MPC, FLAC, APE, WV, PAC, AMR, DTS, MP4, AAC, M4A, AC3 and even multiple VOB audio-substreams!)
      With MP3 Moulder, moulding MP3s is just a few clicks away! Drag'n'drop or right-click a file or folder, use the presets or create your own: the ID3 tags will be kept, and the folder structure preserved! (for further details, refer to MP3 moulder's homepage)