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Zenith Clicca qui per scaricare ed ascoltare il brano. (HYMN TO) EUTERPEEuterpe

Out of nowhere Euterpe comes and takes control of my soul,
and the mind begins to listen to her voice, echo of a higher melody.
I feel excited, I know I'm caught, my feet begin to keep the rythm;
when Euterpe talks I just can't help, both hands are hungry for the keys.
Just like a small spark in the night, it grows up wildly in a while,
then like a lightning, it blasts out, rising my Consciousness above.

Melting with light, I breathe Pure Energy; I hear the pulse of the stars.
Bursting at lightspeed through the Universe, I taste the heartbeat of Time.
Brain waters from metaphysical, beyond the human knowledge,
when Euterpe reveals the misteries of Music, hidden to men.

Once invoked her name, my spirit splits and leaves the body on his own,
to find itself on the Helicon: as immaterial as a ghost.
Erato and Terpsichore Apollo sends together with Euterpe:
oh, who am I? A mere mortal gifted of a beacon in my mind.
It shows the way, it moves me inside, it drives my fingers: they seem wired,
like a marionette's, and I can't escape, like a pet who's been leashed tight I obey.

Euterpe is the ancient Greek's mythological Muse (=sort of goddess) of Music: daughter of Apollo, she resided on mount Helicon along with her sisters (Erato, Muse of lyrics; Terpsichore, Muse of dance; and other Muses, each one specific for an art). My way to make music is not that of putting myself in front of the piano and: "Let's think of something!". Not really. Much as I do with poems, or with the novels I write, I need Muses' inspiration first! In fact, it goes like this: I am doing whatever I'm doing (driving a car, eating, taking a train, having a bath, studying.. whatever!), and I "feel the call" - with an extraordinary urgence, on a physical level too! I already "hear" the melody in my mind: it only takes to copy it down on my piano. (I prefer the piano best than keyboards, when "writing" my songs: keyboards are good for arrangements, but pianos are much more "sensual" to deal with, y'know!) The song EUTERPE was my way to thank my Muse for the gift she made me of my very first song - a quite simple one, indeed, especially when it is compared to my second ever (EUTERPE, that is). It's a very powerful, wide-orchestra with brass and synth space-effects song, and it deals with power: the power of creation through music.It's an hymn with a taste of Eternity: that is, the eternity of Music. Man is just a tool, Euterpe is immortal. (That's why this song is the dearest to me: my favourite, and highly spiritual.)